Account Information

Do you supply other fabrics/wallpapers that are not on your website?

We are unable to show every design from our extensive range. However, if you would like to contact us with a product name/design/number or idea of what you are looking for we can suggest products that fit that description.

What are your minimums?

The minimum order size is 1 metre. 

Can I cancel an order?

It is not possible to cancel orders which have been especially imported by prior negotiation. We are, however, able at times to cancel orders, provided the goods have not been cut or dispatched. James Dunlop Textiles cannot be held liable for goods supplied correctly to order and subsequently cancelled by the end purchaser. In some cases, there may be a ‘cut fee’ for cancelled orders (this is to cover the time taken to process the credit, inspect and manually add the stock back into the system). 

Please direct all requests for cancellation to the James Dunlop Commercial Sales Co-ordinator on 

(09)623 6005 (option 1).


What are your payment terms?

James Dunlop Textiles fabrics are supplied to furniture trade customers on a wholesale only basis according to the following terms: 

Approved Credit Account: Strictly net 30 days from statement date. 

No Approved Credit Account: Proforma Account - In the absence of approved credit arrangements payment for all goods must be made prior to the release of goods for delivery. 

We reserve the right to withhold supply of goods unless these terms have been met. 


How do I open an account or trade with James Dunlop Textiles? 

Please contact James Dunlop for an ‘Expressions of interest’ questionnaire that we can send/e-mail/fax to you. After you have completed the questionnaire and returned it to us it will be evaluated. If it meets our criteria a James Dunlop representative will contact you and send you an ‘Account Application Form’ for you to complete (and return).

Technical Information

What is railroading?

Many upholstery fabrics are designed to that they can be RAILROADED. This means that if you turn the bolt on end and roll out the fabric from left to right, the pattern would be continuous across the roll. Fabric which is woven this way is particularly useful in sofas. If a fabric can be railroaded, this eliminates seams on the outside back of a large sofa. If a fabric is not woven to be railroaded, the fabric is used OFF THE ROLL

Can I order directly from the website?

Yes we have an e-commerce section on our website which you can also use check on stock holdings of each product.

What is your return policy?

The customer shall not be entitled to return/cancel goods supplied unless we have given you a written consent to do so. Returns can only be accepted if the fabric is not in accordance with your order, the fabric is uncut, and is returned within ten (10) days from receipt of goods. Fabrics for return can only be standard product and not imported from overseas at the customer’s specific request. In some cases, there may be a ‘cut fee’ for cancelled orders (this is to cover the time taken to process the credit, inspect and manually add the stock back into the system).

What are Martindale rubs?

Martindale rubs is the definition of testing method used to measure the amount of abrasion the fabric can withstand. The number of Martindale rubs is recorded for your perusal on every fabric specification sheet. As a rough rule of thumb;
up to 12000 - light use (occasional furniture)
13000 – 20000 – residential
21000 and above - commercial

What is FR?

FR means Flame Retardant it is inherently flame-retardant polyester, frequently used as the composition of fabrics intended for hotels and hospitality projects that have flame retardant law requirements. Flame retardant fabrics and flame retardant treated fabrics should pass either 1530 part 2 and/or 3 of the applicable Australasian laws.