Design Studios

James Dunlop Textiles has design studios in Sydney and Auckland. By virtue of their locations, these two studios have important access to two of our key markets and the ability to explore and forecast design trends.

Bursting with creativity, the studios and their team’s research, develop and customise fabric and wallpaper from conception to market entry. Their ability to work with international suppliers and view textiles within the greater design context provides an essential service to the company and our customers.

Our goal is always to create textiles that have longevity, that speak to trend but can suit a client or the personal taste of the end user. Maintaining this consideration provides design flexibility and ensures that we can meet your needs.

We develop and design fabrics in collaboration with some of the finest mills around the world.

For us it’s about the quality of our products, but also making sure that we have on-trend designs that reflect our market requirements.

- Julia Weiss, Product Development Manager

Our goal is always to create textiles that have longevity. We believe that the home should be a reflection of personal style and lifestyle and so we are very conscious of that when we are putting textiles into the range, ensuring they can be flexible and meet our customers needs.

- Stephanie Moffitt, Mokum Design Director